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Closed till 25.08.2024. Delivery for Zagreb included in price. Since 1999g. 

+385 91 2845381

Questions and Answers

Orders and payment

Which methods of payment do you accept?

Payment can be by credit card on line (American, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners)

                                        Bank transfer (internet banking, the post office, a bank, a fine)

I want to make an order by phone and pay a deposit into the bank account?

Please call us on +385 91 2845381 or contact the mail

Telephone contact every day Mon-Sat from 09-15h except Sundays and holidays.


Recipient: Flower UTA

Address: Zagreb

The purpose of the payment: the tel.ponudi

Reference number: date of payment

IBAN: HR2223600001100833962

 BIC (SWIFT address) Zagrebacka banka is ZABAHR2X

Bids validity: 1 day.

 Confirmation of payment to the bank account must be duly sent to the e-mail, at least 4 hours prior to the delivery period in Zagreb. If you receive confirmation of payment later, delivery of flowers will be in the next interval according conditions of sale or by telephone appointment.

How to pay by credit card / security purchases?

By choosing products fill an order and select payment by credit card. Upon completion of successfully completed orders, access will process payments that ensures HT Pay Way. The order will be considered valid only if all of the above information is correct and credible, consistent terms of sale and the payment was successful. After successful payment you will receive an email confirmation of HT PayWay-on pre-authorization amount. Payment is made by us only after successfully processed orders.

Behind the security of buying standing Payway HT and PBZ bank, as the leading service providers have secure Internet purchases in Croatia.

Did you work on Sundays?

No, unless otherwise clearly indicated (eg. Valentine's Day on Sunday).

Will my flowers / gift be delivered with a message, and the message length?

The text you type into the input field posts, will be included with the flowers. There are no length limits messages with flowers.

Can I send flowers / gift anonymously?

Yes, never disclose information client / ice.

Can I make an order for delivery in advance?

Of course, we look forward to.

Can I cancel or change the order and how?

Ordering can delay or change at least 4 hours before delivery.

Will ordered flowers in full suit shown?

Small differences in flowers and materials are possible. Each bouquet is unique, but the quality and value will vary.

Is the VAT included?

Prices are final. We are not in the VAT system, č

Can I order a floral arrangement / bouquet that I saw on your website?

You can, by mail or telephone consultation, we look forward to.


flower delivery


Is shipping free?

Shipping is included in price.

Do you tend to deliver flowers the same day, the conditions?

No, we dont deliver same day. The earliest delivery time is next working day from the order or some other time in the future in accordance with the terms of delivery. Delivery for the city of Zagreb is included in the price of products a prominent place bouquets or products. All prices are final.


 Mon-Fri (except Sunday and holidays) from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm, Saturdays from 10-17. The delivery period is a minimum of one hour. Derogation from the maximum 2h.


 South - west: Southern detour Zagreb (highway Ljubljana - Slavonski Brod (Jakuševac, Dugave, Sv. Klara, Botinec, mud, Sava Opatovina), Podsused, Alley peasant revolt (Goljak))

 west - north: Bizek, Dubravica, Teškovec, Bolfani (Green Bus), Krvarić, Upper Village, Upper Luksic, Šestinski Kraljevec, Gračani, Down (without Sljeme)

 North - East: Bačun, Chamaecyparis, Vida Ročića, Slanovečka, Čučerska, Sunekova, Oporovec, Novoselački time, Brestovačka

 East - South: Posavskog Louis, Resnički Gaj, Resnik, Žitnjak (by the end of Workers), Petruševec, Sava Jakuševac.

What if the recipient is unable to receive flowers?

Methods of communication

 If there are problems in delivery, shall be treated as follows:

 The sender will be contacted by telephone (he left a contact phone number) or e-mail.


The recipient does not exist on the specified address (the address is current, but not the recipient) or address does not exist;

• Employer be contacted by calling the telephone or by e-mail, and then, if it is:

• new address notified by phone within a distance of 50 m - executed delivery

• new address communicated over the phone is not within a distance of 50 m walk - delivery is considered completed.

• the client does not answer calls (or inaccessible) within 2 minutes - delivery is considered completed.


 • the recipient does not want to take the flowers, the flowers are left at the door, and the delivery is considered completed.

  • If the recipient is not in the time specified by the end user at the address flowers is left at the door or at the neighbor with the message given to the recipient in the mailbox in which it is notified that the flowers left for him at the neighbor / at the door.

For redelivery, the second attempt, the new address or the like. Delivery charge. This provision is agreed with the sender's phone or email through.

Do you deliver flowers in the hospital?

Yes, please what precise information department, room number, etc., where the recipient is located.

Does the wreaths / burial arrangements at the cemetery (the funeral)?

Yes, the order must be received at least one day in advance. Information on funeral type in the recipient field. Under the name of the recipient -for whom the funeral, under adresu- cemetery and time Farewell (npr.groblje Miroševac to 10.15h). Flowers will be delivered in accordance with the custom of early (at least half an hour) from the clock farewell.

How do I know that the delivery delivered?

You can always contact us. If delivery is not successful we contact you.